Gender is not a sword in which you wage war, ironic fool. Thou dost wish me well yet condemns me furtherstill.

Weighing life and life and choosing unequally. What use have I financially if I’m bared to waste. Claim MY womanhood without consulting ME? I refuse to accept SHE

My worth is not my body, it is a vessel we agree. But caring for self is just. Without self preservation there isn’t chance for life. A concept you glorify so stupidly.

My life is my own, it does not belong to those not yet or never born. Dare not challenge me when you are here to preserve thee, not the imaginary!

You know not of GOD but selfish ego, selfish ignorance, selfish lore. Cognitive dissonance and internalised misogyny to the core.

What hath fortune made of me, when a mark upon thy breast rules over thee. Choosing cancer, what a fellony.


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