They fuck women like blow up dolls

He sits alone

Parents not home

Wanking off to a girl chew a bone

He watches, watches

Years go by

Fucking women till they start to cry

But they don’t know what’s on the other side


They fuck women like dogs

Bark for me, give me your loyalty

Tell me you want me, please me

And I’ll spread my cum all over your body like I just made a masterpiece

But they don’t know what’s on the other side.


They please men like servants

Let me take it when you want it

I’ll cry for you, I’ll sing for you

Just tell me that I’m worth it

I’ll stroke your ego so it doesn’t bruise

Then I’ll take the bruises instead and pretend I’m well fed.


But here’s what’s on the other side

A woman with a body that reacts differently to the way that you fuck me

And yes, if I’m not cumming that means you’re doing it badly.

There’s a breakdown of communication

When sex for women leads to dissatisfaction


So maybe it’s time for a reality check

I know that you’ll go unless I get on my knees and blow

I’m yelling louder, because I’m hoping you’ll ejaculate faster.

I’m only participating in this, because I’m not fully conscious

My understanding of sex with men now, is that my autonomy means so little

And the fact you’ve ejaculated everyday for 6 months and I haven’t done so once, screams everything.

So I say fuck men, but not literally, ever again.



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